Midwest Medical Doctors & Staff

Specialist general practitioner for 40 years. Interests include all types of general medicine.

General practitioner for more than 30 years. Interested in all areas of General Practice. Special interest in aged care and mental health.

General practitioner since 1977. Speaks Italian and French. Interested in all aspects of general practice, especially Woman’s Health.

Has been working at Midwest Health since 2003.  In addition to general family medicine, special interests include Obstetric Shared Care, Mental Health, Drugs of Dependence, Allergy and Immunological conditions.  Medical educator for doctors specializing in General Practice.

Dr Battersby has been a GP for over 30 years. 

I have been a Dr for 14 years, specifically a GP for 10 years. I maintain a special interest in Musculoskeletal medicine which stems from my previous career as a Chiropractor. Outside medicine I enjoy food, wine, music and bush walking. I have survived Kokoda!

Family general practitioner. Has been at Midwest Health since 2008. Languages spoken; Mandarin, Malay, Teo Chew, Hokkien Taiwanese and Cantonese.

Solo Practitioner for over 35 years.  For the past two years has been with the multi-cultural Midwest Health Practice.  Interested in all types of general practice but Greek speaking general practice is my passion.

Dr Vijaya Kuzhikatil specializes in women's health with special interest in antenatal shared care.

Midwest Health has a team of experienced and friendly reception staff available to assist you.

Our admin staff handles all of the accounts, reports, administration duties.

Midwest Health has a team of qualified nurses available for immunizations, wound dressings, health assessments, management plans, and lots more.

Midwest Health has fully qualified registrars available who are completing specialty training in general practice.

Current Registrar - Dr Matt Lynch