1. Telehealth consulting

(i.e. consulting by telephone) is now advisable to limit people to people contact. Doctors will be happy to consult patients by phone, with scripts and other forms mailed, or picked up by someone else. When you ring, please tell our receptionist that you desire a telephone consultation and with which doctor. The receptionist will put your request on that doctor’s list. Remember that all doctors have access to your file at Midwest Health, so that if your requested doctor is not available, you will be offered another doctor for the telehealth consult.

2. Home visits will be limited to acute problems, with telehealth being used whenever possible.

3. Consultations at Midwest:

From 30 March 2020, for your safety and that of the staff, Midwest will be divided into two sections, the usual consulting area and a separate Respiratory clinic.

a. When booking appointments that are not manageable by phone, please tell staff about any respiratory symptoms and they will book you for the Respiratory clinic.

b. When you arrive, you will be met by a nurse stationed at a desk near the front door to triage all patients. The nurse will ask basic questions, and take your forehead temperature. If respiratory, you will be advised to wait in your car until called to the respiratory area, which will be on the rear or southern end of the building. If not in a car, there will be external chairs available.

c. All other patients will also be offered the opportunity to wait in their car and be called when doctor is ready to see them. Patients without a vehicle, could also wait on outdoor chairs.

d. All patients are encouraged to wait in their car, if possible.

e. There will be a reduced number of chairs in the normal waiting area.

3. Respiratory Clinic:

With winter coming, there will be increasing numbers of patients with all respiratory infections and presumably an increasing number of these will be Covid19.

Therefore doctors and nurses carrying out the respiratory clinic will be wearing personal protective equipment.

The south western area of Midwest will be used for respiratory illnesses.

The door near these rooms shall be entry / exit door and will be clearly labelled “RESPIRATORY CLINIC”.

There will be separate doctors and nurses taking turns in the respiratory clinic.

All respiratory patients are asked to wait in their car, until called. If no mobile phone and/or no vehicles, then other arrangements will be made.

Other necessary changes will be made as we go along. Midwest will always strive to develop better service to our patients.