Services include: Counselling, Assessments, Individual Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family Therapy, Pain Management, Career Counselling, Rehabilitation, and much more.

For appointments with Tindaro, please call 8331 1876

Tindaro Fallo

Tindaro Fallo is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He has trained in Italy and Australia. Tindaro offers both brief and ongoing therapy aimed at character change not only symptom reduction. His approach is analytical, relational, and interpersonal but is also influenced by threads of thought coming from many approaches to emotional well-being including Stoicism, Morita and Advaita Vedanta and he encourages self-observation, purposefulness, and self discipline.

Tindaro will help you work through troubling experiences in order to facilitate integration and growth. He will help you explore and understand interpersonal, social, and cultural contributions to what troubles you. Whether it’s your defences, your own attempts to work through your troubles or blind spots, Tindaro will guide you through the learning and transformational process.

You will need a referral to see Tindaro and bulk billing is available to students and concession card holders.

For appointments with Dianne please call 8444 6107.

Dianne Narciso

Dianne Narciso has been working as a psychologist for over 20 years. Dianne has worked in corporate, clinical, children, academic and rehabilitation settings in both the public and private sectors. Dianne delivers comprehensive psychological services tailored to the individual’s needs. Dianne uses evidence based psychological theory to underpin her practices, using CBT, choice theory, family therapy, supportive counselling, interpersonal counselling, to help you through issues of concern. In the therapeutic process barriers will be identified and a treatment plan established, Dianne will guide you through the learning and change process within a respectful, non judgemental and supportive counselling approach.